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August 2019 - Biscuit

30/07/2019 11:45

August :  Gluten-Free Cookies - Selection and Evaluation of Rice Flours

More and more people are now choosing a gluten-free diet. Over the past decade, various products have been utilized to replace wheat, which is high in gluten. Rice is often chosen forits neutral flavor, its whiteness, low sodium content. It also is easy to digest and has hypoallergenic properties. 

The rice flours available on the market vary widely in the terms of suitability for replacing wheat flour. This complicates their use in gluten-free preparations, since it has a direct impact on the quality of the finished products.

The goal of this study was:
•to evaluate the impact of the source of the rice on cookie quality.
•to determine ability of Mixolab 2 to differentiate between different rice flours.
•to draw correlations between Mixolab 2 parameters and cookie characteristics.

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