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December 2019 - Hamburger

02/12/2019 11:45

December : Baking quality of bread flour - Sponge-dough, pound-loaf method

Sponge-Dough method is one of the most famous to evaluate baking quality of bread flour. Unfortunately the time required by this method and the necessity to have baking experts, limit the productivity of this analysis. The development of quick and reliable instrumental method to predict Sponge-Dough results would be an indisputable progress. 

In this study, a laboratory instrument (which measure the rheological properties of dough subject to the dual stress of mixing and temperature changes) have been used in order to develop predictive model able to approach, as close as possible, the real "bread making" values (absorption and volume). The aim is to evaluate with the CHOPIN Technologies Mixolab the potential to predict baking quality (Sponge-Dough method) of bread flour.

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