For nearly 100 years, CHOPIN Technologies, a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, has specialized in methods and equipment for ensuring the quality of cereal, flour and related products.

We offer products and services for professionals in the cereal industry to aid in performing analyses in order to meet the requirements, regulations and specifications of customers.

Manufactured in France and sold around the world:

Our equipment is manufactured in France and is distributed throughout the world via a network of 60 distributors who are specifically chosen for their expertise in the cereal industry.

An innovative company, we dedicate 10% of our revenue to research and development. This practice benefits our customers through the creation of solutions and services that are often unique in the cereal industry and adaptable to each stakeholder and customer according to their needs.

Quality is our goal

The quality of our equipment and the precision of their performance is recognized by numerous international standards, such as ISO, EN, Afnor, AACC, ICC, etc. CHOPIN Technologies implements and maintains a Quality Management System which conforms to ISO 9001: 2015.


The expertise of CHOPIN Technologies started with the talent of Marcel CHOPIN who, during the 1920s, proved that the baking properties of bread were largely a function of the working of the dough. He invented the extensometer (the ancestor of our Alveograph), which was praised for the precision and reliability of its test data.

Throughout the years, CHOPIN technologies has fostered a spirit of excellence. To do this, the company has continuously relied upon teams of experts. These teams continue to develop the methods and equipment which best meet the needs and expectations of professionals in the cereal industry.


CHOPIN Technologies’ TEAMS help you make the most of your devices:

The Applications Laboratory offers assistance tailoring CHOPIN Technologies’ solutions to your specific needs.
Our experts will help you to develop custom calibrations, including infrared, and test protocols. They will train you on the proper use of the devices so that you get the most from your analysis. CHOPIN Technologies will put its fully equipped laboratory at your disposal for your studies and research.

The After-Sales Team is here to offer guidance and guarantee optimum use of your equipment: we offer hands-on operator training and equipment maintenance (preventive maintenance agreements, on-site maintenance inspections, routine maintenance of standards-approved moisture meters*), either on-site or at our facilities.

The training provided by our CT Center gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge on the potential of your equipment and to exchange information with experts recognized for their mastery of quality control and development of analytical methods.

*CHOPIN Technologies is ISO9001: 2015 certified for the manufacture, distribution and routine inspection of moisture meters.

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