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July- Standardization expert

30/06/2020 11:50

The vast majority of CHOPIN Technologies’ devices comply with European, international or local standards: ISO, CEN, AFNOR, AACC, ICC, and GOST.  This compliance offers the user peace of mind, because the standards provide sound, consensus-based rules for our customers, applicable to commercial transactions.

The development of a standard must respond to a specific market requirement. It is those who need it who create it: manufacturers, users, associations, experts... The presence of different, and often competing players on the market make it possible to compare points of view and to find the most suitable solution for the market.

CHOPIN Technologies is one of these experts and hence sits on several committees related to grain quality control within AFNOR, AACC, ICC, CEN... 


P.S.: a future article on our blog will provide a detailed look at standardization and the related steps.

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