Customer support

In order to guarantee you the optimal use of your analysis appliances, CHOPIN Technologies places at your disposal a team of technicians who are trained and qualified to respond to your needs.

Your activity is preserved and you are provided with solutions that are relevant, rapid and accurate.

The activity of the After Sales Service is constructed on: namely, the commissioning of new appliances, training and repair.

1- Commissioning into Service and Training

For every purchase of an appliance, a technician can assist you with your initial use of the tool.

This service, which is offered on the product of your choice, is an effective method for reducing your maintenance and operating costs. In fact, training allows to preserve the quality of the appliances used, and to advise you on interpreting your results from a standard protocol.

2- Maintenance

CHOPIN Technologies and its partners offer you preventive maintenance contracts. By the use of these regular monitoring contracts, you are offered:

- A visit frequency established so as to best suit your activity,
- priority with your commissioning work,
- timely changing of all wearing parts,
- verification and optimisation of the adjustments according to your needs, for more relevant results,
- prevention of returns to the workshop, which slow down your activity,
- control of your maintenance costs.

3 - Repair

In order to provide you with a rapid and accurate response, the After Sales Department offers you an on-line fault finding system (the troubleshooting service), as well as a high-quality hotline and travel by our experts to your site.

- The hotline: our technicians are aware of the urgency of all your calls and will do everything possible to identify and solve your problem by telephone, so as not to slow your activity.

- The intervention on site: our technicians are fully sensitive to your needs and therefore they realise a complete diagnostic of the appliance and can travel rapidly to your site so as to promptly solve the problem. You thus have the security of a quality repair.

The advantages of the After-sales service

  • The reference flours

    In order to monitor any drift in your results over time, we can offer you flour samples whose parameters have been established already using a reference method. This enables you to be confident of the accuracy of your results.

  • If you need any additional information on the services proposed by the After Sales Department, please contact your technician  (local distributor)


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