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15/10/2018 15:50

Why reduce the amount of salt in bread?

Salt is known for its seasoning and food preservation qualities. It also plays a major role in the way dough behaves during the baking process. Salt is essential to our bodies (the recommended daily allowance is 2 grams for an adult); however,
it is harmful when consumed in excess, which is the case in most Western diets. 

The baking industry’s current challenge is to reduce salt content, while at the same time preserving product quality and maintaining the flavor that consumers have come to expect.

What are the effects of salt reduction on dough properties during the bread making process?

Reduced sodium dough behaves differently throughout the production chain. Therefore, the formulation and production process must be adapted. Reduced salt content can have the following effects:

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M. Hikmet Boyacioglu to take over as editor-in-chief of cereal technology

M. Hikmet Boyacioglu to take over as editor-in-chief of cereal technology

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Brian Mitchell joins KPM Analytics as CEO

KPM Analytics announced today that Brian Mitchell has joined as Chief Executive Officer.

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U.S. Wheat Associates support the SRC method.

“USW believes that with a more complete understanding of the functional value of wheat proteins, carbohydrates and other properties, flour milling quality control managers...

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