Laboratory grinder for the rapid preparation of fine and homogeneous samples

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• Grinds all types of grains: wheat, barley, rye, etc.


• System has a built-in dual safety system for the protection of operators.


Sample preparation for:
• the Hagberg falling number test (AACC 56-81.03, ICC 107/1, ISO/DIS 3093).
• the Mixolab testing of ground wheat (AACC 54-60.01, ICC 173/1).


The Grinder-CHOPIN features a sealed grinding chamber in which high strenght metal hammers rotate at high speed to ensure rapid and even grinding.
The input valve upstream of the grinding chamber regulates the grain feed rate.

The ground product is then automatically sifted using a standard 0.8mm screen
(other screens can be used to vary the size and distribution of particles).

At the end of the cycle, the resulting grist is recovered in a nylon bag placed under the grinding chamber.


Sample preparation for:

• the Hagberg falling number test (AACC 56-81.03, ICC 107/1, ISO/DIS 3093).

• the Mixolab testing of ground wheat (AACC 54-60.01, ICC 173/1).


• Very safe grinding system, equipped with two sensors – one on the door and the other on the screen. The motor does not start if the door is open or if the screen is not in place. The motor immediately stops if the door is opened. 

• Sample preparation for the determination of alpha-amylase activity in wheat and rye using the Hagberg falling number test (AACC 56-81.03, ICC 107/1 and ISO/DIS 3093 standards).

• Compliant with the AACC 54-60.01 and ICC 173/1 standards for the analysis of the rheological properties of ground cereals using the Mixolab® test (Chopin+ protocol).

• Produces samples for near-infrared analyses: For measuring hardness and levels of protein, fat, ash and water after grinding.


• High grinding capacity: 300 g with in one minute, with a maximum capacity of 800 g (hopper capacity: 1.2L).

• Low emission of dust, thanks to the sealed chamber and the use of the nylon bag.

• Produces fine, homogeneous samples, improving the repeatability and accuracy of test results.

• Simple and robust design: Excellent longevity and very low cost of operation.

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