CD1 Mill

Production of test flours representative of industrial milling - soft wheat

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Representative milling

The biochemical composition of the flours processed out of the CD1 is very close to that of industrial flours (purity, granulometry, histological composition, starch damage, quality and quantity of protein).


Repeatable, reproducible and standardized method


The CD1 mill complies with AACC 26-70.01 standard which describes its use for experimental milling.
It also complies with NF EN ISO 27971 standard which describes the test milling methodology for the Alveograph test (ring tests, wheat-market transactions).


The CD1 Mill simulates the main steps in an industrial mill:

1. Breaking with two streams between three fixed grooved cylinders.
2. Centrifugal screening.
3. Reduction by one or two streams between two smooth cylinders.
4. Centrifugal screening.


Selection of wheats, and assessment of blends to make.
Estimation of milling characteristics (extraction rate, wheat behavior during the milling process).
Characterization of the flours obtained.


Reproductibility: fixed settings and roller sturdiness
High quality of the rheological analyses
Reduced maintenance: rollers nearly indestructible under a normal use.

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