Portable moisture meter Wile 26

Measures humidity and/or humidity temperature of straw, loose fodder  or in bails.

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• By measuring humidity, the use of the WILE 26 makes it possible to secure storage by preventing the risk of fire. It determines the quality of the forage for optimal conservation.


• Optional probes:
- 50 cm long for measuring the moisture content of conventional forage bales
- cup-shaped for measuring the moisture content of the windrow placed in a bucket
- 1 meter thermometer for measuring the temperature of the bales

• Bale density compensator (from 80 to <400 kg / m3) that adapts the humidity reading according to the ball settlement.


• Insensitive to vibrations (no mechanical part in motion)
• Double automatic temperature compensation
• Possible calibration of measurement of the obtained moisture content compared to that determined by a reference method (oven).
• Direct reading in seconds
• Memory included to average your results.

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