Quatuor 2

Autodockage tester. Automatically measures grain impurities

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• Centrifugal sieving.
• Brush to unstick particles on the sieve.


• Dedicated sieves per cereal are easy and fast to replace.


• Get the results for 500 ml of grains in less than 90 seconds.


The Quatuor 2 separates the grains into four fractions, using two centrifugal sieves and airflow.

1/ The grain sample is weighed in the hopper. It is then gradually emptied.

2/ The fine particles, empty grains, dust, soil, small grains, husks, are removed to the light impurities tank using airflow and the remaining grains proceed to centrifugal sieves : 

• Broken grains and small impurities pass through the first sieve which has small perforations . This material is then weighed.
• The good grains pass through the second sieve which has larger perforations and are weighed.
• Large impurities are processed at the end of the two sieves. 


Determination of the level of impurities in grains (light impurities, broken grains, total impurities, good grains) upon delivery.


Airflow speed and rotation speed of the sieves are pre-set, based on the type of grain to be cleaned.

• Adaptable
Settings can be customized to your needs for dedicated grain separation improvement. 

• Easy to use
Scales are easy to read, and results can be transferred to a PC at the end of the analysis.


Can be integrated into the GESTAR control line upon receipt and shipping of cereals.

 Fast to use
- Insert the sample,
- Launch the measurement,
- The results are automatically displayed.

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