Manual probes for sample collection

For the sampling of cereals, cereal products, cocoa, coffee, pulverulent, granules.

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• Meets ISO 2009 standard: 24333 *
• Obtaining representative and homogeneous samples.


• Adapted to each type of reading.
• Easy to use.
• Transportable and adapted for manual manipulation.
• Easy cleaning.


ISO 24333:2009 specifies requirements for the dynamic or static sampling, by manual or mechanical means, of cereals and cereal products for the purpose of assessing their quality and condition.


The hand-held probes make it easy to take representative and homogeneous samples of raw materials (cereals, cereal products, cocoa, coffee, pulverulent granules, etc.). This is the first step of a good analysis.


The RKS probes do not include internal compartments, but a shift of the cells (orifices of the inner and outer tube)  allows a progressive filling from the bottom to the top of the internal volume of the probe. 

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