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December - Calibration procedure

26/11/2020 11:50

BIPEA acts to support the analytical performances of laboratories. Its mission is to ensure and improve the laboratories' level of expertise in Europe and worldwide through proficiency testing programs and other associated services.

For each device type, CHOPIN Technologies has “master” devices that receive constant preventive maintenance. Their performance is evaluated each month using external flour samples from the BIPEA (  Each of these devices is accompanied by a control card, ensuring the consistency of the results. Once technicians are confident of the master device’s accuracy, they can qualify other batches and larger quantities using these internal references. Based on these flours, calibrations can be performed to meet the customer’s specifications. Upon completion of the calibrations, all adjustments are systematically validated using External Reference Samples (BIPEA) before any shipment.

This systematic use of an external reference guarantees our customers that any new equipment will produce the same values as those currently used on the market.

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