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October - Market Trends

02/07/2020 11:50

Olivier Le Brun is the head of the Applications Department at CHOPIN Technologies.  He explains to us how he and his team partner with manufacturers and professionals in the cereal grain industry.

How can you support manufacturers who are forced to adapt to new market trends? 

In recent years, new trends have appeared on the market. Consumers want products that are both healthier (less salt, fewer additives, gluten-free, high in fiber, etc.) and more eco-friendly (local products, free of palm oil and GMOs, etc.). To meet this demand, manufacturers must modify their recipes and learn to do without certain ingredients, additives, and processing aids, all the while incorporating new products which are known to be beneficial to human health (quinoa, flax, spelt, ancient grains, pseudo-grains, etc.). These modifications are often complex and usually accompanied by two main challenges: selecting the right ingredients and, once selected, putting into place the supply chains and tools allowing for the quality of the supplies to be checked on a consistent and regular basis.

Selecting the most suitable substitute ingredients is often a lengthy process and requires numerous manufacturing tests. Nevertheless, the use of instrumental analyses to screen the various ingredients and quickly eliminate the least promising ones, usually reduces the number of pilot tests and consequently saves time and financial resources.

Setting up quality control tools is often just as delicate. Because of the novelty of these substitute ingredients, there remains very few (or no) criteria or methods for testing them. Although the technical and scientific literature is full of tools to characterize the rheological behavior and machinability of wheat flour, publications dedicated to the technological analysis of cassava, teff, or sorghum flours are much more scarce.

As illustrated by our tests on cricket flour, the CHOPIN Technologies Applications Team can help with the selection and characterization of the most innovative and astonishing raw materials.


To contact the CHOPIN Technologies' Application team: 

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