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CHOPIN Technologies contributes to the 19th ICC conference 2019 – Science meets Technology - April 24-25 – Vienna, Austria

26/03/2019 14:20

Thursday, 25 April 2019, 15h30-17h00 (Parallel Session 7B – Auditorium XXI) :

CHOPIN Technologies invites you to attend the session « Innovations and Applications for Cereal Laboratories »

« Laboratories missions can roughly be separated in two main purposes. The first, traditional one, is quality control, the detection and evaluation of a prime material versus certain specifications. A more modern approach is the use of laboratory data to predict the quality of a final product, this is more aligned with what research, or new product development labs try to do. 

This session will bring together four great scientists who will present real solutions to applications which aim to provide comprehensive solutions to today's laboratory challenges:

  • Dr Cristina Molina Rosell – Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos, Spain -  (keynote speaker)  on “ROLE OF RHEOLOGY AS QUALITY PREDICTOR IN GLUTEN FREE BASED FOODS” As technology evolves so do laboratory control tools, Dr  Rosell will show new uses of existing tools to obtain valuable new data. Every day, it becomes more obvious that a single data set cannot explain the complex behaviors of a bread dough during processing and the final result. A study has shown that huge amounts of data and regression tools like MLR are powerful tools to predict final product properties.
  • Christine Bar L’Helgouac’h – ARVALIS-Institut du végétal, France -   on « CONSIDERATION ABOUT WHEAT MILLING, FROM A CONSORTIUM TO THE FIRST TEST ON A NEW LABORATORY TOOL» - Christine Bar l’Helgouac’h will describe how to predict wheat behavior during milling by observing wheat behavior at the laboratory level. Today, most users consider extraction rate as the most important parameter. Our data will show that wheat with very different behaviors can present the same extraction rate, behaviors which can badly affect the industrial process.
  • Amine Jbeilly – ICC Technical director - Industrial Research Institute, Lebanon  – on « METHOD VALIDATION REQUIREMENTS: PAST AND PROSPECTS» - Standardization is a very important part of the laboratory puzzle, Amine Jbeilly will give a presentation of how a standard is built, how can we use the results and what is an alternative method.
  • Sándor Tömösközi – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary – on "EXAMPLE OF THE APPLICATION OF DOUGH MIXING AND HEATING BEHAVIOR IN CEREAL RESEARCH " - Sándor Tömösközi will speak about the use of the Mixolab as a tool to help the formulation of gluten-free mixes by better understanding the interaction between starch, proteins and specific ingredients.

This session is organized by Arnaud Dubat, Director of the Business Development Department for CHOPIN Technologies (France).

Come listen and meet these professionals who will present concrete examples of the use of research and technology, serving cereal industry.  


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