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Sightline Process Controls Inc., CHOPIN Technologies and Unity Scientific® to showcase baking process and quality control solutions at IBIE19

09/09/2019 18:08

Las Vegas, NV (September 8, 2019) – Sightline Process Controls Inc., CHOPIN Technologies and Unity Scientific® – all KPM Analytics companies – will present their advanced analyzer solutions for baking applications at IBIE 2019, booths #4648 and #1953 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Used for process and quality control in grain, flour, dough, bread and other food applications, the solutions can improve product quality, increase production efficiency and reduce costs.


Featured at IBIE19 booth #1953, Sightline’s turn-key Over-Line imaging system automatically measures every object that
passes underneath the sensor head, in any orientation and at any belt speed. This provides the ability to measure all critical size, shape and color attributes for 100% of all your production, all the time. The compact size and light weight construction of the washdown compatible Over-line system allows for quick installation, and the intuitive operator interface makes viewing, analyzing and interpreting the data easy.

Sightline will also demonstrate their Benchtop system for reliable measurement of all critical size, shape and color attributes which provides real-time data to help ensure that product quality is always maintained. This data can also be used to better control the production process, eliminating guesswork and equipping operators with the quantitative feedback for immediate process settings and adjustments. 

Virtually any food product can be measured using Sightline’s 2D/3D/color imaging technology, either directly during the production process (Over-Line / In-Line) or using a Benchtop Inspection System (Off-Line). The systems can also be integrated with other process and quality control devices for centralized management and All KPM Analytics companies control, such as NIR analyzers from fellow KPM Analytics company Process Sensors®, on display in booth #1953.

CHOPIN Technologies

CHOPIN Technologies, specialists in methods and equipment for grains, flours and dough, will feature several industry-leading quality control solutions at IBIE in booth #4648. The Alveolab is a unique instrument that reliably measures dough tenacity, extensibility, elasticity and baking strength in one convenient test. Fully automated with tightly controlled test conditions for reliable and repeatable measurements, the internationally recognized Alveolab helps millers, bakers and storage operators improve quality, reduce waste and more tightly control properties for better, more consistent products. 

Also featured at IBIE, the Mixolab 2 determines the characteristics of dough – as well as the quality of starch and protein – during mixing. With the Mixolab, you can easily create customized testing protocols for various cereals, whole wheat flours or doughs sampled directly online. The Mixolab provides millers and bakers with rapid information relating to starch quality and the conformity of flours, enabling consistent quality production. 

Chopin will also feature the RHEO F4 analyzer and the Amylab FN. The RHEO F4 determines the characteristics of dough during the proofing (fermentation) process to aid in product formulation for both wheat flour and gluten-free products. The Amylab uses the traditional Hagberg falling number method or a new, faster Testogram measurement to measure the alpha-amylase activity of flours in 66% less time. 


Unity Scientific will present the SpectraStar XTTM At-line and Laboratory NIR Analyzer for food, agriculture and ingredient applications in booth #4648. Robust and easy-to-use, the SpectraStar XT produces accurate, repeatable results for moisture, ash, protein and other properties from flour and ingredient samples at any stage of the process in just 30 seconds. The SpectraStar XT is compatible with the new CommUnityTM cloudbased networking suite which allows companies to centralize product configuration, streamline sample data reporting and view diagnostic results for all instruments on their network. 

All KPM Analytics companies
Available in ready-to-use analyzer packages for many applications, the XT is pre-configured with robust calibrations and sample handling accessories for plug and play operation. Patented TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology keeps the XT automatically aligned to reference standards, ensuring peak accuracy and consistent performance. All SpectraStar XTs are manufactured at Unity Scientific’s global headquarters in Milford, MA USA.

To learn more about the KPM Analytics companies, visit,, and


About CHOPIN Technologies
Headquartered in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France, the CHOPIN Technologies products focus on compositional and functional analysis in cereals, flours, and their derivatives. CHOPIN Technologies products provide exceptional results and are used across the globe to ensure operational specifications, regulatory compliance and quality standards are met. CHOPIN Technologies has additional offices in Milford, MA, USA and Beijing, China. For more information, visit .

About Sightline Process Controls
Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with sales and service in Europe, Sightline specializes in 3D color vision technology used in inspection systems and automation solutions for process control. Sightline's expertise in imaging techniques improve product quality, increase line productivity and reduce operating costs for food customers such as bakery, snack food, meat & poultry plus many others.

About Unity Scientific®
With industry-leading expertise in near infrared (NIR) technology, Unity Scientific products are used for quality control
applications within production processes and laboratory environments. Unity’s premium analytical instrumentation serves a wide range of end markets such as food & dairy, agriculture and environmental. Headquarters are in Milford, MA, USA with additional offices in Weiler Bei Bingen, Germany. To learn more, visit

About KPM Analytics
The operating companies that make up KPM Analytics have come together because of their industry-leading application
expertise in the food, agriculture and environmental sectors. Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation, CHOPIN Technologies, AMS Alliance and most recently, Sightline Process Control, Inc. & Sensortech Systems Inc. are all recognized for deep application knowledge and superior support. The companies now stand as a strategic group with a common passion for providing solutions and solving our customer’s most challenging problems. Through this united approach, our customers big and small will be better served with a broader, more robust scientific instrumentation offering supported by a global network. Visit to learn more.

KPM Analytics Acquires EyePro System S.r.l.

KPM Analytics adquiere EyePro System S.r.l. para servir mejor a los mercados de fabricación y procesamiento de alimentos con sistemas de inspección de visión en color real, 3D e hiperespectral

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