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23/04/2018 17:27

Due to a rising demand for proteins, food industry is seeking new alternative protein sources that can be used for human food.

Edible insects are a part of the human diet in many parts of the world. They need less feed and produce less greenhouse gas and ammonia than conventional livestock. High in proteins, low in lipids and sugars, flours made from insects are an excellent way to improve the nutritional composition of the cereal products.

Because of that, the addition of insects in food and feed has been recently pursued. In addition to its positive nutritional impact, insect powders certainly have important impacts on dough’s rheological properties. The cereal industry must anticipate these effects and adapt formulations and/or processes.

Consequently, it is necessary to assess the rheological behavior of cricket powder alone and to evaluate the impact of cricket powder addition on the overall quality of doughs and the characteristics of the final products.

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