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Examples for the application of dough mixing and heating behaviour in cereal research

20/06/2019 16:26

How to differentiate between cereals varieties, to determine technological quality of grains or to understand the impact of components on the dough technological behaviour ? 

These are key questions, especially in the development of non-wheat and gluten-free products. The Mixolab 2, made by CHOPIN Technologies, contributes answering these questions thanks to its combined mixing and heating method. Several applications of this method in wheat, non-wheat and gluten free research were presented, in collaboration with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, at the 19th ICC Science meets Technology. Find this information in the presentation made by Sándor Tömösközi.

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KPM Analytics acquiert EyePro System S.r.l. pour mieux servir les marchés de la fabrication et de la transformation des aliments grâce à des systèmes d'inspection par vision en couleur, 3D et hyperspectrale

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There is no doubt that Solvent retention capacity tests (SRC) is a recognized and developing method for all soft flour product manufacturers. Additionally, every day more producers of hard wheat products are also using the SRC as a routine quality testing method.

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