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23/04/2018 18:37

“Flour quality control is a puzzle in which each piece corresponds to the information given by one testing method. To see the quality of the product, it is necessary to know how the results of the different tests are linked. Quality control should not be building specifications and filling in numbers: it should give the information required to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Considering all the QC results as a whole to understand and improve quality is the main challenge of the coming years and CHOPIN Technologies is dedicated to provide these solutions to the industry.”



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Comparison of the performance of thermally treated wheat flour during test baking low and high ratio cake formulations


Heat treatment alters the functional properties of wheat flour and hence its performance in baking applications. This work evaluates the effects of heat treatment on the functionality of wheat flour in two cake matrixes termed high- and low- ratio cake formulations.

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Wheat Milling


Want to predict at laboratory level how your flour will perform at an industry level ?

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