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Décembre 2019 - Hamburger

Décembre : Baking quality of bread flour - Sponge-dough, pound-loaf method

Sponge-Dough method is one of the most famous to evaluate baking quality of bread flour. 

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Novembre 2019 - Quinoa

Novembre : Description of a Laboratory Milling Process to obtain Quinoa Flour and Pericarp

Quinoa (or Quinua) (chenopodium quinoa Willd.) is a pseudo-cereal native to the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

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Octobre 2019 - Dumplings

Octobre :  Rice flour discrimination and Dumpling characterization

Using rice flour for dumpling process is really common in Japan. However, quality control and raw material selection is made only by final product’s characterization like sensorial evaluation.

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Septembre 2019 - Couscous

Septembre :  Couscous - influence of cooking time 

Couscous grains are spherical granules obtained by the aggregation of durum wheat semolina. Their quality depends on the gelatinization state of the starch it contains. 

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Août 2019 - Biscuit

Août :  Gluten-Free Cookies - Selection and Evaluation of Rice Flours

Over the past decade, various products have been utilized to replace wheat, which is high in gluten. Rice is often chosen forits neutral flavor, its whiteness, low sodium content. It also is easy to digest and has hypoallergenic properties.

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Juillet 2019 - Riz

Juillet :  Impact of rice varieties, milling processes of rice flour and final bakery products quality 

The way rice is consumed is constantly changing. Originally it was only eaten as cooked grain but now rice is also consumed in many other forms. The food industry must adapt to the evolving consumer tastes.


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Juin 2019 - Sarrazin

Juin :  Discrimination of buckwheat flour

The objective is to discriminate samples of buckwheat originating from different sources, and define the most suitable protocol for buckwheat.

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Mai 2019 - Boulgour

Mai :  Characterization of different types of bulgur

Bulgur is durum wheat with its bran removed. It is pre-steamed, dried and finally crushed. It is the base product in traditional Turkish cuisine.

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Avril 2019 - Pasta

Avril :  Measurement of starch in pasta cooking water

The technique that allows us to measure the breakdown of pasta during cooking is based on measurement of the amount of dry material in the water. This measurement is an indicator of quality. 

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Mars 2019 - Tortilla

Mars:  Tortilla quality prediction

The objective of this study is to develop formulas to predict with Mixolab, from flour rheological behavior, the rollability and diameter of tortillas.

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Février 2019 - Nouilles

Février : Using multiple linear regression (MLR) based on quantitative and qualitative testing to predict quality of white salted Noodle (WSN)

The aim of the project is to propose an analytical strategy to predict noodle quality from wheat flour, hence permitting a better segregation of the best suited wheat cultivars.

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Janvier 2019 - Baguette

Janvier : Mixolab vs Baking 

This study aims to predict baking values from Mixolab data. The objective is to improve responsiveness compared to traditional baking tests and to anticipate the quality of wheat at harvest.

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