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December - Calibration procedure

CHOPIN Technologies has a partnership with the BIPEA for a rigorous calibration procedure of our devices to ensure the consistency of your results

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November - References samples

CHOPIN Technologies can provide reference samples which allows you to be confident in the accuracy of your results.

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July- Standardization expert

CHOPIN Technologies is recognized as a standardization expert and is actively and  directly involved in ICC, AACC, ISO, CEN, Afnor standardization groups and processes

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August - KPM Analytics

CHOPIN Technologies is part of KPM Analytics which brings together expert companies  on applications  and premium instrumentation in the food, agriculture and environmental sectors.

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September - Fidelity of the results

80% of CHOPIN Technologies' devices are standardized. This guarantees the fidelity of the results.

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January - Application FAQs

CHOPIN Technologies' studies are synthesized in Application FAQs: summaries, accompanied by the most frequently asked questions.

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February CT Center

The training provided by CHOPIN Technologies' CT Center gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge on the potential of your equipment. 

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March- Social Media

You can find everything about CHOPIN Technologies activity by following us on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, You tube ... and on our website!

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April - Blog

The CHOPIN Technologies blog publishes educational articles which are simple, evoking ideas necessary for our cereal professionals.

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May - Applications Expert

Our CHOPIN Technologies' Applications experts offer assistance in customising CHOPIN Technologies’ solutions to your specific needs.

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June - ISO 9001-2015

CHOPIN Technologies operates under the quality management system ISO 9001-2015. 

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