Portable moisture meters Wile 55 and 65

Measures in direct reading the humidity and/or humidity temperature of whole grains, cereals, oleagineous and proteaginous.


收到消息 Wile 55 et 65 Humidimètres portables

The WILE 55 and WILE 65 control the moisture content of a sample.
The WILE 65 also controls the temperature of a batch of grains by a probe of a length of 1 meter.
The WILE 55 and the WILE 65 thus make it possible to:
- check the water content of the grain before harvest, and optimize it for the beginning of the harvest.
- to determine the needs in drying of the grain, to anticipate the risks of deterioration of the product, which makes it possible to deliver the grain in optimal conditions.


• 16 types of seeds pre-programmed, among most common (soft wheat, barley, sturgeon, rapeseed, sunflower, maize, wet corn, durum wheat, oats, rye, peas, soybeans, triticale linseed, rice, sorghum, ryegrass.).
• Easy to carry.


• Insensitive to vibrations (no moving mechanical parts).
• Automatic temperature compensation.
• Easy calibration of the device against a reference method or an approved device.
• Moisture reading from 5 to 40% to +/- 0.5%.
• Reading of the temperature from 0 to 80 ° C +/- 0.2% (only on WILE 65 - by external probe).


• Lecture directe en quelques secondes.
• Mémoire pour effectuer les moyennes des résultats.